Location of THETA 2017 announced

The baton has been formally handed over to the hosts of THETA 2017 – University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology.

THETA 2017 will be held from 8 – 10 May 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Thank you Griffith University for being amazing hosts in 2015.  Presentations from the 2015 event are available from the Resource pages of the CAUDIT website.

Some interesting post conference statistics

THETA 2015 hit some pretty significant milestones in the world of social media and networking.  Our network kept us connected and we generated some pretty impressive statistics:

Network Statistics
Total Sessions 10,812,480
Total Bytes Transferred 505 GB
Total Unique Devices seen on the Internal Network 3113
Total Unique Devices Internal and External 116,596
Total Applications 23,478
Total Destinations 94,317
Average Sessions Per Day 1,544,640
Average Bytes Per Day 73.58 GB

Our social media footprint was equally as impressive. Only the first day in and #THETA2015 was trending. We made such a dent in the twittersphere that certain spamming bots decided to join in the fun. We went twitter mad with almost 5000 tweets during the conference and a huge 70000 Twitter impressions! THETA 2015 was such a success the tweets are still coming. Make sure you stay involved in all the post conference discussion and use #THETA2015.

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THETA 2015 Prize Winners

What’s the best way to end a conference? With prizes of course. On the last day, Bruce Callow, CTO Griffith University, presented the lucky few with their winnings. Thank you to all the delegates and speakers who submitted papers, presented and participated in THETA 2015. If you missed the final presentation you can see the list of winners below.

Best Paper
1st: The HWMD maturity model: A foundational framework to measure effectiveness of institutional research e-intrastructures
Hamish Holewa, Malcolm Wolski, Kathy Dallest, Christopher McAvaney
2nd: Expert in My Pocket: Creating First Person POV Videos to Enhance Mobile Learning
Peter Bright, Bill Lord, Helen Forbes, Florin Oprescu, Nigel Barr, Terri Downer, Nicole M Phillips, Lauren McTier, Vilma Simbag, Kristel Alla
3rd: Going Massive: learning engagement in the MOOC Environment.
Stephanie Cook, Tricia Bingham, Stephanie Reid, Li Wang

Best Digital Poster
1st: Sparking true imagination in a digital environment
Sarah McCormick, Shawna Sadler
2nd: Expert in My Pocket: Creating First Person POV Videos to Enhance Mobile Learning
Peter Bright
3rd: Fusion: From Repo to Expo
Bernadette Houghton

Vox Pop Winners
1st: Fishing where the fish are – Tara Anderson Griffith University
2nd: Roger Cook QUT
3rd: Interview with Tiffany Mitchell – Faculty Librarian @ Bond University

People Choice Winner
The Next Generation IT Workforce
Nick Tate