Digital poster

We are replacing the traditional, static poster with “digital posters”. The focus will be instead on an informal, interactive, brief description of your topic / project / concept.

Information that should help you to structure your efforts:

1) Digital posters will be made accessible to delegates on the Sunday (10 May) so that they can view them at their leisure.

2) You will be allocated a 15-minute time slot and appropriate space to “run” your poster and answer questions. Sessions will be scheduled during lunch and morning/afternoon tea. Delegates will be advised of this arrangement.

3) We are hoping to build into the conference app the ability for delegates to upload questions about your poster at any time during the conference.

4) The content of your digital poster will be retained for post-conference open access, unless you stipulate otherwise.

5) Your digital poster should be reasonably self-explanatory

6) Some technical considerations

  • Your poster, i.e. file, should be viewable through a web browser
  • Please take into consideration performance for post-conference viewing
  • Consideration should be given to the quality of any images and the size and legibility of any fonts used. (minimum 20pt font)
  • a 55 inch landscape touch screen will be provided with your choice of Windows or Mac attached
  • Back-up solution will be to run the file from a USB drive

7) Poster design

Your digital poster should avoid being just another ‘Death by PowerPoint’ type display. You are being given the opportunity to be creative and produce something engaging. Your options are many and should be tailored to suit your purpose and your resources. This could range from a very simple solution to something that uses a mix of formats to get information across, such as this Example of a useful mix of format and method. Obviously your poster does not need to be this big/complex; the point is that the example style is engaging and self-explanatory. In the end, you may decide that a YouTube type format or an interactive pdf is more suitable for your purpose. Note: There will be a prize for the best submission.

This is the first time that a digital poster has been on the agenda, so we are open to ideas. If you wish to discuss it further, please contact Joanna Richardson (Co-Chair, Program Committee) directly.

Deadline for Digital poster submission 4th May 2015.

Submit here thru the Easy Chair system.

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