Flipped session

Congratulations on having your flipped session accepted for THETA 2015!  We think it’s going to be an amazing program; thanks for contributing to it.

Information that should help you to structure your efforts:

  1. Planning
  • The session is intended as a discussion session, not as a presentation
  • Plan ahead how you will structure your session
  •  If more than one person is involved, identify who will facilitate the session
  1. Links
  • As you know, your audience is expected to have done some prior reading / viewing. You all have listed content in your submission. Thank you.
  • Since this information will be available to delegates via the THETA website, it is important to provide links to those readings. If you have not done that for any “mandatory” readings / viewings, please login to EasyChair and update your abstract accordingly
  • You and your co-presenters can record a presentation via video and have the audience view it prior to the live session (as one of your links to content)
  1. Promotion
  • You may want to start promoting your session –and links—on social media before the conference starts
  • There is no reason why the robust discussion you are hoping to have at THETA can’t start beforehand

Deadline for updating your submission details with links to reading materials: 27 February.

If anything is unclear, please contact Joanna Richardson (Co-Chair, Program Committee).

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