Full paper

If your proposed submission has been accepted for THETA 2015, you have the option to submit a “full paper”.  This means that your full paper will be submitted to at least 2 reviewers for peer review. As with the feedback from reviewers of your abstract / submission, you will be asked to consider their comments and to revise your paper (if appropriate) for the final version.

Rather than provide a specific conference template, THETA 2015 is asking authors of full papers to use the AJET guidelines for formatting their manuscript. You do NOT submit your paper to AJET, of course. Instead you upload to the EasyChair portal, i.e. the same system used to upload your original submission / abstract.

Word / page length:  AJET expects 5,000 – 8,000 words. Please ignore this. There is no maximum page length. We would suggest that most papers would probably be at least 6 pages, excluding references. It really needs to be long enough to ensure that you have adequately covered your topic.

Deadline: The THETA website currently gives a deadline of 20 February. We can be flexible with this, given the Christmas break! So please do not stress about the deadline.

If anything above is unclear,  please contact Joanna Richardson (Co-Chair, Program Committee) directly.

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