Congratulations on having your presentation accepted for THETA 2015.  We think it’s going to be an amazing program; thanks for contributing to it.

Information to help structure your efforts

The assumption is that you will be using a PowerPoint format for your presentation. If not, then please disregard any reference to PPT slides.

1) Time allocation
• Presentations will normally go for twenty-five minutes with five minutes for questions at the end
• Ideally lively discussion will continue afterwards at subsequent coffee and meal breaks

2) Use of Creative Commons (CC) licence
Clearly one of the principal aims of the THETA conference series is to share ideas. Following good practice by other well-known conferences, it is proposed to make all content available under a Creative Commons licence, specifically Creative Commons BY 4.0 (international licence), in order to allow interested parties to use them freely and easily. This approach protects your rights as the author / creator by clearly outlining the acceptable usage of your content by others.

The implications for you are threefold:
• Conference Logistics will have emailed you the slide that we ask you to use as your ‘opening slide’.  Along with the presentation title and name(s) of the presenter(s), it contains the CC symbol and licence statement.  NOTE: You need only use that template for your cover slide; after that you are free to structure your ‘slide deck’ however you wish.
• By ticking the relevant box in the Permission to Publish form (supplied by Conference Logistics), you are agreeing that you will ‘do the right thing’, i.e. not insert 3rd-party copyright material which is either not openly licensed or for which you do not have permission.
• Depending upon local policies, you may wish to consider uploading your content to your organisation’s institutional repository.

3) Link
In preparing your presentation, we highly recommend the following website:

4) Deadline for presentation
Friday, 1 May. Please refer to details provided to you by Conference Logistics.

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