Vox pops

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.22.04 amVox pops have been extended! send your entries in before May 1

Calling everyone with a video camera/smart phone and something to say about information technology and higher education. If your clip is among the best you could win

  • 1st prize $700
  • 2nd Prize $400
  • 3rd prize $300

In 2015, the conference theme is Create, connect, consume – innovating today for tomorrow.

What are the vox pops?

Vox pops definition

Popular opinion as represented by informal comments from members of the public, especially when broadcast or published.

They will be broadcast, and published! Give us your best mix of 30 second vox pops around the THETA 2015 theme, ‘Create, connect, consume’. We’ll take 2 minutes worth, and edit them together to include the conference logo and theme.

Find your subjects, ask your question, film their answers and submit your thirty second vox pops for judging. The most popular entries will win, and win big.

Check out these awsome entries from previous conferences:

How do I make one?

First, watch the examples to get some ideas.

Then grab a video camera, smart phone, or tablet.  Find a student, researcher, lecturer, IT staff member, librarian, educational developer, or anyone you think might have something insightful, provocative, prophetic, or just honest to say on the subject.  (And who is willing to let you interview them.)  Yes, it can be yourself!

Ask them one of the following questions and video the response, or make up your own question that you think is interesting.

  • Do you create, connect or consume technology?
  • An example of innovating today, for tomorrow?
  • If innovation is survival, are you drowning? Or waving?
  • Most recent completely useless innovation in your area or industry?
  • Must have innovation of all time in your area or industry?
  • You know what’s next, right? Tell us…please….we need to know….

Edit the clip down so that it is a maximum of 30 seconds in length.

What format does it need to be in?

The most important thing is that it shouldn’t be any longer than 30 seconds.  We can work with most common video formats.  HD is great, but video from a smart phone or tablet is fine too — whatever is easy for you. The THETA watermark will be placed in the bottom left hand corner when they are published so please leave this area free of text.

How do I send it to you?

If it’s less than 5 MB, you can just email it to us at theta@griffith.edu.au.  Otherwise upload it to a location of your choice and send us the link so we can download it.  For example, you could use DropBox.

Please include the following information:  your name, your organisation and title, your email address, your phone number.  Please also tell us the name, title, and organisation of the person (or people) appearing in the video clip.

By participating, you are acknowledging and agreeing that we may show the video clip at the conference, make it available to conference attendees and other interested parties, and upload it to the public THETA website. Please ensure you have permission from your ‘talent/stars/interviewee’.

Can I enter more than one?

Yes, you can enter as many as you like.  However, each video clip should be a separate file of no more than 30 seconds.

What is the deadline?

The deadline for Vox Pop submissions is May 1, 2015.

There was something about a prize?

If your clip is among the best you could win

  • 1st prize $700
  • 2nd Prize $400
  • 3rd prize $300