B(uild)YO skilled Data Librarian

This session will bring together the Australian tertiary librarian community to explore innovative solutions to how we can work together to meet the research data needs of our clients (researchers and learners). We can do this by building skilled, expert data Librarians, and achieve success without spending valuable resources on re-inventing the training wheel. The era of publishing, discovery and reuse of research data is upon us now.  Librarians need to be skilled and confident in managing research data products and services now – but how can we do this?

In this short 25 minute session, participants will circulate, swap, share, debate and interact with each other to build strategies for creating pathways for data librarianship to emerge and grow in themselves and in their institutional libraries. This session will draw on the combined learnings, wisdom and knowledge about how to engage adult learners of the Library community – both locally and internationally.

Warning – this flipped session will have you literally “thinking on your feet” and will bring a new meaning to that age old Australian expression: “BYO”  Entry to this innovative session will be by contribution: each participant is asked to bring one (or more!) research data ‘diamond’ to share:

  • a training session outline you developed or have seen online
  • url link to DIY online data management training
  • examples of metadata records created that showcase your institution’s data collections
  • a real life reference interview scenario involving research data
  • an in-house training series for Librarians which involved research data
  • flyer for a data seminar which brought together (eg) Librarians, Research Office and IT
  • Early career researcher or higher degree student data literacy orientation session advertising blurb
  • your webpage advertising your data support services
  • Data Librarian position description
  • List of resources you have found particularly useful in skilling up in research data or other material.

The session will start with a short, group exercise of mapping existing Library skills to the new skills needed to include research data in mainstream activities. This will help us determine the size of the training shift and if indeed, new skills are needed or do we just need to refocus our current Library skills kaleidoscope?

Then, the group will speedy data date with each other to build a personally relevant “catalogue list” of currently available and openly accessible training materials and ideas aimed at building broader understandings of research data as a library component.  Each person will augment their list as they meet each new participant and offer their materials/ideas to the other person’s list.  Many Librarians are both experts at delivering training sessions to clients and for professional development, and sharing ideas and materials.  This method will rapidly create networks of like minded sharers.

The participants will then break into small groups to debate topics they want to talk about. Each group will have a ‘starter pack’ of ideas and information to get the discussion moving:

  • which formats work best for embedding skills and understandings quickly and/or deeply: scenarios? role play? staff exchange?
  • finding attention – getting and realistic examples for training resources
  • single session or multiple sessions: how to work out what works best for your staff
  • gathering strength in the room – identifying other data champions in your institution
  • so much online and so many distractions: how to support staff to learn about data management online
  • Are we DARLS? should we establish a Data And Research Librarians Support network?
  • what are the core skills that librarians need to develop to support research data management as a service?

The emphasis on this flipped session is to come prepared to share and learn from each other.  The Data Librarians sector may be relatively new but it is strong and vibrant, and more than willing to share with newer members or those wishing to join the ranks. At the end of the session, participants who leave their details will receive a list of the suggestions and short summaries of some of the discussions.

Karen Visser, Natasha Simons and Kathryn Unsworth
Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

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