Keynote 2015 – Dr. Xiaolin Zhang

From Information to MetaKnowledge: Embracing the Digitally and Computable Open Knowledge Future

Abstract : We are moving into the converging paradigmatic shifts of generation digital, generation open, and generation analytic, where the ubiquitously digital non-textual materials are redefining the knowledge universe and service foundation, open access is to be the new normal of the scholarly ecosystem with its new economic logics, and computation is fast becoming one of the main ways of information consumption and knowledge utilisation. We are quickly losing the reason and right to maintain a traditional library which, digital or otherwise, only holds onto a diminishing part of research and learning knowledge market.

The way out is a way of self disrupting and re-purposing, backwards from the future of digital research and e-learning. The research workflow, or the learning workflow, is in essence an information workflow, and almost every step of it calls for and relies on knowledge-intensive services and can be knowledge-driven enhanced via computational, analytical, and system means. By aggressively claiming a central role in the new R&D knowledge infrastructure, NSL has developed a strong research informatics service supporting R&D decision and policy making, a proactive experimenter and best practice provider to implement the new open scholarly communication ecosystem, and an embedded research supporting cloud to enable research life cycle based knowledge creation, organisation, distribution beyond text. The presentation will introduce the detailed services in these areas, which leads to a new model of a creation library with its core competitiveness being its interactive, collaborative, workflow-embedded services and teams, and its preparedness and advantageous positions toward more complicated knowledge future.

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