Keynote 2015 – Phillip D. Long

Learning Sciences & the Impact on Learning Technologies and Learning Activities

Abstract: Technologies extend our senses and augment our bodies. They enable us individually as well as situate us socially. Our opportunity to engage in learning individually, in groups, or in massive collectives is transforming the landscape of higher education. Simultaneously discovering more and more about how we learn. Data from neuroscience, cognition and memory research is telling us about how we engage with each other, filter and encode the deluge of data washing past us, and act on our world. What are the most significant trends in teaching, learning and technologies that surround us today? Which among the experiments currently underway are important? Why? What do they represent? Technology tends to disrupt the status quo, yet the perception of the many is that it’s changed little in the academy over the past 100 years. Hang onto your hats. Things are just getting interesting.

2 thoughts on “Keynote 2015 – Phillip D. Long

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