Adapting and Adopting IT Service Management at QUT

Adapting and Adopting IT Service Management at QUT

Service Management at QUT extends beyond the boundaries of the central IT department, while responsibility for the coordination and management of the ITIL processes is split across our two main technology departments: Information and Technology Services (ITS) and Learning Environments and Technology Services (LETS). Our “adapt and adopt” mindset ensured that our efforts are focused where they provide most value.


Avril Grant, Chair of the divisional Services Committee and Chair of the Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Service Management at QUT:

Service Management at QUT is governed by the Service Management Framework for all services which support critical university functions and all services provided by the Division of Technology, Information and Learning Support. This includes business facing services, business to business services, and underpinning and/or technical services. Through an annual service review process, the health status of each service is reported and informs continuous improvement initiatives for operational and strategic plans. Avril, as Chair of the divisional Services Committee, will talk to the approach used by QUT to incorporate the various inter-related initiatives that drive our service management approach.

Mark McCormack, Manager, IT Support

The IT Service Management Journey:

After a strong start with the implementation of Incident, Problem and Change Management processes as outlined in ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), changes in university priorities resulted in a continuous improvement approach to each of the processes. However, in late 2013 the tool used to support our ITIL processes was replaced and the opportunity to review our existing processes led to a re-energising of our effort to support our IT Service Management. Mark, as Chair of the Process Reform Group, will talk to the higher level of engagement achieved through the collaborative effort involved in the re-development and integration of our processes.

Peter Marshall, Manager, Enterprise System Services

Cultural Change at QUT:

As the newest member of the team, and Chair of the Queensland chapter of the IT Service Management Forum (ITSMF), Peter Marshall has brought a fresh perspective to the people aspects associated with IT Service Management in a large organisation. The implementation of the new tool has provided an opportunity to reconsider the performance metrics associated with each of the processes. Peter will talk to his engagement with the support team to introduce meaningful reports which support the needs of staff and senior management.

Avril Grant, Mark McCormack, Peter Marshall and Simon Wilkinson
Queensland University of Technology

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