Experiences from the Research Outputs Team, UQ Library

This lightning round will hear from members of the expert Research Outputs Team, who will highlight some of the innovative work they have been doing over the last 12 months.

The Speakers

Helen Morgan, Manager, Research Data Collections
Sarah Evans, Librarian – Research Outputs
Fei Yu, Acting Manager, Research Data Collections
Sharon Bunce, Librarian Open Access
Andrew Heath, Manager UQ eSpace

Titles and brief descriptions of the talks:

The Research Outputs Team – Knowledge Sharing and Training

UQ Library Research Outputs Team provides expert support for UQ Academics in a range of areas including citation metrics, scholarly publishing, open access, repositories and research data management. The team includes Librarians and Library Assistants, but also an Academic and a Clinical Researcher.

To allow for targeted training and skill development across the Library, a three tiered model was developed. This model illustrates the flow of knowledge from the expert team to other nominated specialist librarians within UQ, and on to a further awareness level.

This presentation will introduce the Research Outputs Team, and the way we share knowledge and training with the rest of the Librarians at UQ.

Strategic Reports – Extreme Impact Metrics

Research publications are a tangible output of research, and metrics associated with them are used to inform university rankings and other research evaluation exercises at the whole-of-university level.

In this environment, the Research Outputs Team has, for the past several years, offered a bibliometrics service to senior administrative staff of the university, in addition to our regular role providing metrics advice to the broader academic community.

Using tools such as Web of Science, InCites and Scopus, we prepare detailed metrics reports which form a key part of the business intelligence of the organisation. These reports are provided to UQ International and the Office of the DVCR, and are often incorporated into briefing documents for senior executive staff of the university.

Creating an Australian Installation of the DCC’s DMP Online Tool

There is a growing requirement for researchers to create data management plans. The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) is “a world-leading centre of expertise in digital information curation with a focus on building capacity, capability and skills for research data management across the UK’s higher education research community.”

The DMPonline is the DCC’s online data management planning tool. It provides tailored guidance and templates to help researchers write data management plans.

This presentation will describe the experience of installing and managing a UQ version of the DMP Online Tool, including how it can also be customised by institutions so they can add their own templates and guidance.

You Catch More Flies With Honey: Open Access Service at UQ

The University of Queensland Open Access for UQ Research Outputs Policy came into effect in October 2013.

The Library Open Access Service focuses on supporting researchers in meeting their funding bodies open access mandates without the need to pay for open access publication, whilst making their research publications discoverable and available to a wider audience.

The service has since evolved from a carrot-and-stick approach to a researcher-centric model that highlights the benefits of open access for UQ researchers.

This presentation will examine the shift in service focus from one of mandate compliance to the provision of opportunities for researchers to maximise their research impact and build their research profile.

UQ eSpace – Research Publication Information to Profile Research Performance

UQ eSpace is the single authoritative source for the research outputs of the staff and students of the University of Queensland. It is a critical piece of infrastructure for UQ both administratively and strategically providing the ability to optimise reporting to HERDC and ERA, to populate internal systems including UQ Researchers, Q-Index, Workloads Tool and Academic Portfolios and to benchmark organisational performance and collaboration through metrics reporting.

It also supports researchers by providing extensive article level metrics allowing for performance benchmarking within their fields of research.

This presentation will focus on organisational and author metrics and collaborations, generated from the UQ eSpace, Scopus Custom Data set and Web of Science/Incites data

Helen Morgan, Andrew Heath, Fei Yu, and Sarah Evans
University of Queensland

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