The rapidly changing face of identity management for Higher Education and Research

Speakers: University perspective, Federation operator, National Infrastructure operator, International perspective

University perspective and identity management (IDM) challenges

University rep

Across the sector and throughout the industry, continuous change in technology is impacting how and why we need to deliver robust identity management for universities and research institutions. With the increase of cloud based services and social authentication there is a need to drive efficiencies within organisations and look for ways to reduce overhead, gain efficiencies and enhance the end user experience.

Challenges federations are experiencing nationally and internationally for federated interconnectedness

National Federation Operator(s)

From a federated identity management perspective there are new challenges continually emerging to provide a robust and trusted service to enable cross-organisational boundary access for authentication. These challenges highlight the need for an interconnected environment for learning and teaching both nationally and internationally along with other interesting requirements due to the complex, diverse and evolving needs for federated identity management within the sector. As the identity management requirements for learning, teaching and research continue to evolve within the sector, there will be an even greater need to ensure federated identity management will cope with the possible changes into the future.

The evolving needs for research infrastructure operators

National infrastructure operator

With the ongoing challenge to make it easier for researchers to access and harness big data there is a need to ensure that the identity management challenges faced by the research infrastructure operators continue to align with existing capabilities and meet the new requirements for this diverse, complex and evolving area.

Accessing services across national boundaries

International perspective

From an international perspective there is an ongoing need to strengthen the access methods both on a national level and also to enable collaboration and access to services across international borders. The international perspective will highlight that Australia is not alone in trying to solve many of these challenges. Different privacy laws around the globe and the ability to send and receive end user attribute information is just one of these challenges. Many collaborative initiatives are underway internationally to help further connect our end users globally and these will be discussed.


Ric Phillips1, Terry Smith2, Maria Corpuz3 and Neil Witheridge4

1Monash University, 2Australian Access Federation, 3Queensland Department of Education and Training and 4AARNet

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