Expert in my Pocket: Creating First Person POV Videos To Enhance Mobile Learning

Worldwide, there has been a rapid increase in both the use of mobile technologies as a conduit for student learning and the use of wearable cameras to record sporting and recreational activities. The Expert in My Pocket project (EiMP) has combined these two technologies to produce a repository of freely available short videos and supporting materials to enhance student development of psychomotor clinical skills. These are presented from a first person point of view (1PPOV) with expert health professionals ‘thinking aloud’ as they demonstrate selected skills. (

Research indicates that students and educators overwhelmingly support the concept of EiMP videos and more importantly value the 1PPOV as an authentic view (Lynch, 2010). The use of EiMP videos when coupled with a simulated clinical environment and reflection on practice can support the development of clinical skills competence and confidence (Lynch et al, 2012). Additionally it has been demonstrated that students who have access to videos following initial clinical skill training maintain higher levels of competence (Hansen et al 2012) and value the use of multimedia and the ability to download videos on demand (Everett 2012). By using technology to support pedagogically sound learning activities, students may be able to faster acquire and master specialised information (Duke et al 2013).

The digital poster will feature an web based interactive interface with an overview of the “Expert In My Pocket” (Creating First Person POV Videos To Enhance Mobile Learning) project. Clicking on an area of interest will reveal more detail about that part of the process including a mixture of text, images, videos and interactive media.

Peter Bright1, Bill Lord2, Helen Forbes1, Florin Oprescu2, Nigel Barr2, Terri Downer2, Nicole M Phillips1, Lauren McTier1, Vilma Simbag2 and Kristel Alla2

1Deakin University and 2University of the Sunshine Coast

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