Fusion: from repo to expo

Deakin University has set up a new exhibition system, Fusion, to showcase the University’s special collections and research outputs. Data in Fusion will also be used by researchers in the digital humanities, and will provide a means of involving the wider, local, community in research efforts and collaborative projects.

Fusion uses the Omeka software, which supports highly-visual, media-rich presentations. It is linked to the University’s research repository, which remains the primary store for the data.

Deakin’s special collections include unique material related to Alfred Deakin and the Federation of Australia, as well as the cultural and social milieu of the period 1859 to 1920. The Library has begun a digitisation project to ensure the long-term preservation of the rarer, older and most fragile items from the collection.

The poster will cover:

  • Principal software requirements for the new system
  • Fusion setup, features and functionality
  • Curation of items for digitisation
  • Long-term preservation strategy
  • Exhibition planning and setup
  • Collaborative projects with Research Services
  • Collaboration with the wider community
  • Future plans, including crowd-sourcing projects
  • Lessons learnt

The poster will draw on the following conference themes:

Supporting research: Research digital outputs as collection materials
Supporting research: Research content accessibility
Supporting research: Data management / curation
Connect: Crowdsourcing

Bernadette Houghton
Deakin University

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