Investing in Innovation: The Learning and Teaching Development Fund at AUT

The Learning and Teaching Development Fund (LTDF) supports pedagogical innovation and curriculum development aligned with the AUT strategic plan. The LTDF is essentially a new model of academic and professional development that builds strong linkages between staff in Schools, and the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLAT), ICT, and other central services. 34 projects were funded in 2013. Interest in participation continued to grow and in 2014 we had 44 completed projects covering a range of themes:

  • The creation of digital learning resources
  • A focus on Māori and Pasifika advancement in learning and teaching.
  • Innovations in teaching and learning in Events Management.
  • Development in postgraduate student resources, support and engagement
  • Social media and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) innovation in teaching and learning practice
  • Increasing student engagement and success
  • Enhancements in teaching and learning within STEM subjects (Science, Technology,
  • Engineering and Mathematics)

The projects involved at least 152 academic and allied staff with more staff indirectly involved through various departmental activities and meetings, etc. Many hundreds of students across the university will benefit from the educational enhancements resulting from the projects. 21 research outputs were generated in 2014 with another 13 under review in 2015.

Project outputs are displayed for the university community in the form of posters at the annual LTDF showcase in February and also distributed in a cross-platform eBook to incorporate video presentations of the project along with the written reports.

This digital poster is an extract from the 2014 LTDF e-book, that demonstrates the successful outcomes of selected projects, and also displays the affordances of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create compelling content and foster connections across the institution.

Stanley Frielick, Nell Smith, Emily Whitehead and Pam Wyse
Auckland University of Technology

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