Trends in online learning

This digital poster will be an animated, interactive infographic that will act as an explainer for key terms in the field of online / digital learning.

We will use the list of topics that are central to this year’s Theta conference to create an interactive map with relevant animations, videos and visualisations that will demonstrate the meanings of key terminology. The idea would be that this is somewhat of a primer for the conference, so someone could come in to the conference with relatively little understanding or exposure to online learning trends and key terminology. A few screen presses and they can view some content that would give them a basic understanding of the topic.

Topics include: (Supporting learning and teaching, supporting research, IT as a catalyst, reshaping the workforce, leadership / partnership, Create, Connect, Consume, Gamification of learning, flipped classrooms, online learning environments)

If possible we will also include conference specific info such as info on key speakers, links to their work or pages exploring the themes of their work.

Liam Stewart and Maria Cervantes
Griffith University and University of Queensland

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