Are we all just staff, students or affiliates? Identity services for community and collaboration

Digital identity services exist so that relationships can be mediated and managed by information systems. Digital identity is at once the welcome mat and the security guard at the door to every online relationship. Relationships, however, are a function of networks. Relationships, and the challenges of managing them, have grown in lock step with the expansion of networks – both social and informational.

Higher Education and Research organisations are built on relationships, and need to manage a network of relationships more complex and fluid than any other kind of organisation. To secure the benefits of a networked world we need to stop thinking of identity services as locks and keys, and start using them to enable the relationships on which our organisations are built.

At Monash we have been working with other identity professionals in higher education and research to develop a framework for the management and production of digital identity services – The IdEAs Framework. It is an objective of that framework to better enable the management of relationship.

This presentation will introduce the IdEAs Framework by examining how it addresses the management of relationship.

Ric Phillips
Monash University

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