Australian eResearch Organisations (AeRO) – Towards joined-up digital infrastructure for research excellence

Australasian researchers use high-performance digital infrastructure (HPC, very large data storage, networks etc) to compete effectively with the best research in the world and collaborate with the best research communities.

AeRO – Australian eResearch Organisations – is a collective collaborative organisation comprising Australasian eResearch champions that was established to deliver competitive infrastructure and services and to facilitate research adoption.

AeRO’s membership is drawn from the service providers.  It’s role is to advocate strongly for joined-up capabilities delivering the best possible research infrastructure to communities that span a national and international territory and the whole spectrum of research disciplines.

This involves a range of activities from the agenda for national strategic directions for infrastructure, to sponsoring skills development, promoting gap-filling initiatives such as research user support capabilities, service maturity development, collaboration and certification of best practice amongst others.

In the education field CAUDIT is a member of AeRO and the organisations work closely together.  This session illustrates AeRO’s approach and successes to date, provides details of current projects activities as well as highlighting AeRO’s vision for the future.

Loretta Davis
Australian eResearch Organisations (AeRO)

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