Design Develop Implement – A team-based approach to learning design

This presentation will narrate the experiences of six program teams as they engaged with the Design, Develop, Implement (DDI) learning design process at Macquarie University. In complex organisations like Universities, the ways in which different Faculties and different disciplines integrate technology into their curricula is far from consistent, with the quality of the outcomes varying considerably. The reasons for this include the diverse learning and teaching needs in Faculties, the variety of pedagogical traditions in disciplines, and also due to the lack of coherent learning design processes. This provokes significant challenges but also offers an opportunity to review existing practices and inform future developments using design patterns for learning with technology as our driving principle (Laurillard, 2012). If our aim is to enable an active and informed self-sustaining learning community of staff who will become champions of collaborative approaches, then a team-based learning design process should be implemented to help achieve this mission. This presentation will openly address the challenges and successes of the DDI process for different disciplines using data gathered directly from the participants, including focus groups and questionnaires. It will also compare the DDI process with other tested approaches to team-based learning design initiatives (Gregory & Salmon, 2013).

Deidre Seeto and Panos Vlachopoulos
Macquarie University

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