eduroam AU: Current status and directions

eduroam AU uptake and footprint continues to grow exponentially.

Eduroam update is 100% of Australian Universities and many research organisations (e.g. CSIRO, ANSTO, AAO, state-based eResearch organisations)

A total ~60 organisations participate as Identity Providers.

Health organisations typically operate as Service Provider only. There has been work done on public space wifi network participation in eduroam (e.g. Adelaide CBD).

There is a trial of High School participation eduroam, coordinated by AARNet, QRNO and the eduroam Advisory Committee.

What are the global initiatives in eduroam that will impact eduroam AU ?

There are several tools that are coming online which will improve the eduroam AU service.

  • Web-based self-administration (and contribution of accurate eduroam AU institutional data to the global eduroam database)
  • Monitoring tools (including work on delivering a solution for intra-institutional monitoring)
  • Usage Metrics tools (providing the ability for institutions to analyse their eduroam usage patterns e.g. distribution of international visitors)
  • Support Tools (enhanced end-user configuration and support tools, based on access to test authentications and RADIUS server logs)

These tools are being deployed by AARNet in order to improve the eduroam institutional administrative and user experience. An important implication for institutions is that institutional eduroam administrators will need to take a greater role in administering their own eduroam presence.

Neil Witheridge

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