How to set up and run an on-line educational video production service

The University of Sydney’s ICT division shares the tertiary educational community’s enthusiasm for innovative on-line learning media content to support blended and adaptive learning, and ICT’s ‘Research and Learning Media Production’ unit is perfectly positioned to help the University achieve these goals, and to share our expertise with other tertiary educators.

Please see the video our team produced for Theta 13, which presents highlights of the conference.

With a solid track record spanning over seven years we envisaged that on-line educational video would boom. We now well positioned and hold an excellent reputation for producing high quality educational videos, and our team is poised to develop new and flexible methods and expand the scope and volume of our services to meet the increasing need for efficient learning media production and delivery to tertiary educational institutions such as University schools and faculties.

We have in place effective infrastructure and frameworks such as best practice production models, curriculum aligned policies, after project support structures, proposal documents, website, post production work flows, on-line help videos and a YouTube playlist where we post our videos for high quality playback.

With quality production equipment and tools such as HDV cameras, glide track, boom and radio mics, comprehensive lighting kits including Dedo and Nila, Adobe Premier editing platforms, Creative Cloud editing and motion graphics tools as well as a voice over recording booth, we are very well established.

In consultation with tertiary educational designers, we have created comprehensive policy around our Research & Learning Media Production which is closely aligned with the University’s Teaching and Learning strategies.

We offer a vast range of video production genres, from the simple how-to clip to more complex and highly produced videos which are aligned with teaching and learning strategies, are cost effective, scalable and include analytics capabilities.

I would relish the opportunity to give a presentation at Theta 2015 in order to provide insights to other tertiary education professionals around how we managed, against the odds, to establish, develop and operate a thriving on-line educational video production unit in a highly competitive, cash strapped University environment. I would like to discuss the equipment that we use and provide advice to others considering setting up such a service.

I would also like to discuss our policy, on-line proposal form as well as budgeting, costing, story boarding, project timelines, deliverables, our new mini-lecture idea, production devices and techniques, and more.

Please go here to see samples of our videos, including our acclaimed AV Help Video clips.

Please also view the learning modules section that our team produced in collaboration with the National Centre for Cultural Competence: 

And please go here top see the video we produced for Theta 13!


Julie Beesley* and Tim Harland
University of Sydney

*IT Manager, Learning Media Production

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