Integrating IT

The alignment of IT is an often discussed topic.  In this presentation the realignment of IT resources across the University as part of Auckland’s Faculty IT Review is discussed.  We will explore the University’s pathway to enhancing the alignignment IT within the business.  This presentation will incorporate an overview of the IT Service Delivery model across the University, and the use of Communities of practice to improve how different IT groups work together.  This has led to the use of an “Integrated IT” brand, which is used for service process documentation all the way through to IT community events.

We will also cover how we have standardised job design across the IT community for common roles, including linkages to UniForum codes and to relevant processes.

We will also explore how the University of Auckland has aligned IT to the University’s business, through strong partnerships with the University’s portfolio management, process management, change management, and to the development of Service Delivery Models that review the design of service functions across the University.  This will focus on how we develop the University’s strategic change priorities, and drive value from the projects to implement them.  We will also review how the University is using its KPI framework to identify change opportunities, and to improve accountability for delivery of improved functions.

From the spectrum of IT identifying supporting digital disruption and change through to driving through business benefits from systems based projects, we will discuss how IT works with the University to add value.

IT cannot connect to the University without good communication.  The final part of this presentation focusses on the emphasis the University of Auckland is placing on storytelling and increased use of dialogue to improve the communication of IT’s focus and direction with the University.

This presentation incorporates the Theta conference themes of reshaping the workforce, IT as a catalyst, and of leadership and partnerships.

Stephen Whiteside
University of Auckland

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