Lessons from Griffith – assessing our assessment technology

Lessons from Griffith : how are we using tools like Turnitin? how do we increase use and reduce friction?

Assessment is at the heart of teaching – providing feedback to students to help them on their learning journey.  With the learning journey increasingly required to be more relevant to professional life and in delivering practical outcomes for students, creating more authentic assessment activities is crucial.

The quest to deliver more authentic assessment at scale turns to technology as an enabler, and extender of our abilities to create, connect and consume.  But whilst technology increasingly opens up new possibilities it also presents new challenges. How can we help the pursuit for more authentic assessment to take advantage of these new possibilities and overcome the new challenges? What part can we play as IT professionals in partnership with pedagogical and content professionals?

An investigation into the use of assessment technology, such as TurnItIn, at Griffith University, has identified some key insights and led to followup work aiming to further increase the adoption of these tools, reduce friction and inform our future developments.

We investigated the impacts and use of our assessment technology, listened to various areas of the University spanning academics and academic development, administration and professional staff, students and student support, IT and pedagogy professionals.  We identified the top items where we could make the most difference as IT professionals, devised ways to implement these changes and proceeded accordingly.

This presentation will present our journey to date and our next steps.  We will cover:

  • Where were we?
    • Our use of technology
    • Our needs, wants, concerns and opportunities
  • Where do we want to go?
  • How can we get there?
    • What are the top things we can do to increase adoption and reduce friction
    • How are things progressing and where to next
  • Lessons learnt
  • Key insights

Through investigating and developing solutions, we gained some key insights and revisited some old truths. Most interesting has been the confirmation that the key to innovating today for the future doesn’t reside in the future, that connecting is more important than creating and that consumption is key.

Giuseppe Poli
Griffith University

4 thoughts on “Lessons from Griffith – assessing our assessment technology

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    • Glad you enjoyed the conference Colin. Yes we are in the processing of putting up all the slides on the caudit website.


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