Reshaping Applications and Business Intelligence at UTS

This presentation will tell the story of how UTS moved from a legacy two-tiered on premise data warehouse with limited flexibility, data quality issues and substantial technical debt to an agile Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse that is scalable, flexible, high performing and cost effective.

Supported by the UTS IT team’s “Be Bold with Technology” philosophy we have built a next generation cloud data warehouse utilising data vault modelling methodology with automated pattern based ETL.  Our data warehouse is now able to cope with the rapidly changing analytic environment, and can grow effortlessly to meet UTS’ evolving needs.

Achieving this leap in technological capability within 12 months, particularly when it involved moving such a strategic system from on-premise to public cloud infrastructure, would not have been possible without seeding a culture of innovation and forward thinking across our Application Team management and staff. The presentation will also discuss the changes in strategy, organizational structure, project management and development practices that were required to deliver success in this project, and that have opened opportunities for similar progressive initiatives in other areas at UTS.

David O’Connor and Susan Gibson
University of Technology, Sydney

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