Supporting Research Storage at UNSW. Collaboration through Governance

A long-term research storage service has been established at UNSW to support research practice. This service was first proposed in 2012 and was funded through a multi-year and multi-stream investment planning approach. Moving these streams from plans to projects and into a production service has required institution-wide collaboration across UNSW support services (Division of Research, Library and IT) and with UNSW researchers in Faculties and Centres. This collaboration has been supported through a clear governance framework at the University and Project levels. From workshops, committees, boards, business advisory groups and project meetings through to agreed service definitions across the support teams and hand-over – the first components of the service have been released into production.

Five streams of works have been outlined for investment between 2013-16:

  1. An institutional long-term (archive) data store with metadata capability (3PB available);
  2. A Research Data Management Plan hosted by UNSW Library which is integrated into Research Division and IT systems and enables the provisioning of the storage (available);
  3. A capability to provide researchers with access to a range of other appropriate “active” storage (eg: University, RDSI, Intersect, Cloud) services (2014-15);
  4. An enhanced reporting and metadata capability for the store (2015-6);
  5. An enterprise-supported Research equipment booking system (2015-6).

This presentation will describe the planned investments and execution from proposal to service with a focus on the governance frameworks, collaboration between the support services and the participation of UNSW researchers. The support models and the service release approach will be reviewed. Lastly, the presentation will show adoption numbers including groups on-boarded, the amount of research data being stored and the use of the Research Data Management Plan and metadata tools.

A version of this paper was submitted to eResearch Australasia 2014 and will be updated for THETA 2015.

Luc Betbeder
University of New South Wales

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