The Australian National Medical Research Data Storage Facility


This national initiative is creating a new data collection of profound significance for Australia. This facility, for the first time, enables the aggregation of health and medical data sets generated, curated and managed by many of the dozens of universities, medical research institutes and other government funded organisations who contribute to health and medical research in Australia.

Multiple reviews of health and medical research at the federal, state and institutional levels have pointed to an increased requirement to consolidate, aggregate and collaborate to maximise research outcomes in this research area of high national and international importance.

The Australian National Medical Research Data Storage Facility (ANMRDSF) will provide research data storage and related services to Australian medical and health research organisations. It is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and Research Data Storage Infrastructure project (

The ANMRDSF is hosted and operated by several organisations, each being a node of the RDSI project and each based in a different state of Australia. Those organisations are:

To date, 47 institutions have nominated data collections to be hosted by the ANMRDSF.

The ANMRDSF will be initially established with basic services by the end of 2014.

Dr Jeff Christiansen, Mohammad Islam, Dr Derek Van Dyk, Leonie Hellmers and Dr Ian Gibson
Intersect Australia Ltd.

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