Videoconferencing and teaching – From outback Queensland to Ireland and back again.

Create, connect, consume – innovating today for tomorrow

Presented by David Wilson and Tim Gentile – Griffith University


  • Overview – how “connecting” (connect conference theme)technology is changing education / teaching / learning environments
  • Trends – learning and teaching anywhere, anytime, with anyone…
  • More informal and collaborative learning and teaching methods (less traditional teacher-centred teaching).
  • Overview of different forms of connecting technology and merging technology.

Recent innovations in videoconferencing technology:

  • Opportunities … transforming learning and teaching at universities
  • Guest lecturers from other locations, opportunities to have someone guest lecture that would never before have been possible due to time, location and travel expense
  • Connecting live classes across different lecture theatres / campuses and other  universities
  • Off campus / online learning / recording and integration with online study
  • Connecting with students in regional areas

Case Studies:

This presentation will demonstrate how videoconferencing is being used at Griffith University … transforming teaching and reaching into the rural community.

Case study 1:

  • Griffith School of Medicine rural sites
  • Griffith School of Dentistry and Oral Health – Warwick
  • Connecting to QLD health sites (hospitals around QLD)
  • Guest lecturing via videoconference
  • Keeping students connected while on placement in Hospitals around Queensland

Case study 2:

Lord David Puttnam  – connecting students with experts in field, real time interactive Q&A.   Exploring the series of videoconferences with the Griffith Film School where Lord David Puttnam is guest lecturing about the film industry as well as his own career from his home office in Ireland.

Today’s students having direct access to world class experts in their fields.

For tomorrow:

Ideas where this could lead? Future opportunities for enhancing education

rural / remote students – Regional communities

Sharing / connecting between universities and experts –  students could learn from top experts in their particular field (not necessarily academics).

Students collaborate across different universities/ countries… and share their different knowledge / insights…

David Wilson and Tim Gentile
Griffith University

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