Some interesting post conference statistics

THETA 2015 hit some pretty significant milestones in the world of social media and networking.  Our network kept us connected and we generated some pretty impressive statistics:

Network Statistics
Total Sessions 10,812,480
Total Bytes Transferred 505 GB
Total Unique Devices seen on the Internal Network 3113
Total Unique Devices Internal and External 116,596
Total Applications 23,478
Total Destinations 94,317
Average Sessions Per Day 1,544,640
Average Bytes Per Day 73.58 GB

Our social media footprint was equally as impressive. Only the first day in and #THETA2015 was trending. We made such a dent in the twittersphere that certain spamming bots decided to join in the fun. We went twitter mad with almost 5000 tweets during the conference and a huge 70000 Twitter impressions! THETA 2015 was such a success the tweets are still coming. Make sure you stay involved in all the post conference discussion and use #THETA2015.

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